Deep Tissue


30 January 2017

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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that aims at affecting the deeper tissue structure of the muscles. It also affects the connective tissue, known as fascia. Deep tissue massage helps with both small muscle injuries as well as chronic problems. Deep tissue massage is an excellent way to deal with a whiplash or sports injury, postural misalignment, treating spasms as well as muscle tension. With deep tissue massage techniques, I will concentrate on releasing specific chronic muscle tension as well as the muscular knots, or adhesions.

I choose between several strokes depending on the size of the muscle that I am working on. Even though strength is required to properly execute, specially on the larger muscles, I never force pressure into the muscle. I continue to apply pressure until the muscle pushes back against me. The muscle will then slowly begin to release and allow me to move along it. The pressure used will never be painful, but should walk a fine line between pleasurable release of tension and a pain-blocking response from the body (tensing up).

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