Prenatal Massage


19 October 2020

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

A pregnancy massage is similar to a traditional massage in the sense that I apply pressure to your muscles. The goals of relaxation and pain relief are also the same, and may be even more important during such a potentially stressful time as pregnancy.
There are differences between a regular massage and a pregnancy massage. For example, a pregnant womans body has some sensitive points that need to be treated carefully. While the legs, lower back, and abdomen can regularly take a lot of pressure, this all changes during pregnancy and less pressure is used.
Many women also find traditional massage positions uncomfortable, especially as their belly grows. I use use a wide variety of positions and apparatuses to make sure you are able to rest comfortably for the duration of the massage.
Studies show women who get pregnancy massages have decreased instances of depression, anx iety, and leg and back pain while also experiencing less painful and shorter labors. Other benefits include alleviated back pain, decreased swelling, relaxed muscle tension, regulated hormones, de creased depression/stress, alleviated sciatic pain, improvedd sleep, shortened labor,

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